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Why is the Platform so Important?

When you are considering something as important to your organisation, as an Asset Management process that will combine with your existing systems such as Financial and GIS to constitute an organisation wide ERP system, then the Platform decision becomes very important.

There are hundreds of Platform questions that arise in any functional specification for an Asset Management system and at Asset Man we decided to find a platform that:

  • Is universally accepted and supported around the world.
  • Has a Browser based interface.
  • Is scalable to operate with 12 users or 120,000 users.
  • Is capable of operating On-Premise or in the Cloud.

The ideal platform must have a surfeit of user required functionality so that Asset Man’s development is kept to a minimum and the on-going support for any additional functionality is truly international and therefore local, to the end user.

Microsoft Platform:

TAM has been released on the following Platform, as a minimum requirement:

  • Windows HPC Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Dynamics CRM 2011

This combination of Microsoft supported systems delivers a huge raft of functionality before the TAM application has to step in with detailed customisations to suit the specifics of your industry.

This means that 80% of the functionality requirements that are commonly specified for an Asset Information System are delivered and supported within the Microsoft software platform and do not fall within the realm of responsibility of Asset Man, the Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Microsoft Support:

Microsoft has promoted a Partnership model which delivers multiple levels of support to all of their platforms as well as to ISVs who may have developed applications upon the Microsoft platform.

ISV Partners:

Asset Man belongs to this group along with many others who have developed individual applications that work within CRM. There are several aspects of the TAM application which have been “invented” by other ISVs. Asset Man has been using those that are suitable and is thus able to spread the development of TAM over several organisations.

The final TAM application is submitted to Microsoft for independent certification.

Implementation Partners:

Microsoft has developed a major, world-wide network of partners who are certified as capable of implementing the Microsoft platform. Asset Man is also partnering with these MS partners to cover the implementation of the TAM application.

Industry Partners:

Asset Man is forming associations with industry bodies that promote the professional design and implementation of asset management systems.